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If you are transgender, then you already know about the pervasive discrimination and unemployment among your friends as you look for work.

To have stable employment in today's economy takes courage, commitment and the right set of job searching tools to be successful and this is why http://www.transgender-selfemployment.com is so important to the serious job seeker.

The good news is that our site keeps you up-to-date with fresh and valuable information regarding current transgender and transsexual job opportunities.

If you are mid-transition, you are already dealing with discrimination issues as soon as you present yourself for an interview.

But if you know where to look (we teach where to find LGBT employers) then you can take advantage of opportunities for immediate job placements that allow you to transistion into a new gender as you achieve economic stability. 

To get an idea of some of these employers, click on this link to get a free downloable directory of 337 corporate names/addresses of transgender friendly employers.

Keep in mind these major corporations also have divisions, subsidiaries, "spin-offs", satellite offices, warehouses and factories that do follow the parent company's transgender friendly hiring policy.

The skillsets you have acquired of personal courage, commitment to a goal and effective use of your time and financial resources become a tremendous asset to employers seeking tested employees to do a specific job.

Or to yourself should you consider running your own home business doing something you already know how to do.

Finding A Good Paying Job As Transgender Is Hard Work!

You know what motivates you to actually do those events that make you greatly uncomfortable (such as going out in public during the day or walking past a bunch of teenage girls at the Mall).

What you need now is to apply your motivation more effectively by using one or more of our basic job search strategies designed for transgender people actively seeking financial security.

The 2012 Guide sole purpose is to help you chart your route to a secure income using case studies of other transgender employees as well as providing links to both Federal and State resources for LGBTQIs.

Use our Guide to learn how to target your best potential employers and find the unadvertised job opportunities in your area and fitting your business background.?


As a transgender employee, you deserve work that fulfils and motivates you, that gives you financial security and funds your further medical transition expenses.


Reframing your work as something you do rather than a place that you go to daily .... helps you to avoid the traps of underemployment and/or the sex industry where so many trans people get stuck when they need money to put food on the table, pay rent or keep up with the bills.


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